Commercial & Business Lawyers

Portfolio Management

The management of the brands of any business is an important aspect of business operations. The brands of a business are essential in generating its commercial worth and reputation amongst consumers. The professional management of a trade mark portfolio is therefore a key component to a successful branding strategy both domestically and internationally.

At Hazan Hollander, our range of portfolio management services ensures the present and continued development of our client's trade mark reputation.


Advertising is a part of doing business. Maximising the impact of advertising provides the opportunity to expand business and increase sales profits.

Hazan Hollander has assisted clients in virtually all areas of advertising, promotion and marketing law. We have advised major retailers, service providers, manufacturing companies and advertising agencies.

We are involved in developing strategies designed to meet our clients' business needs for promoting and advertising their brands, slogans, messages and trade marks. From inception of an advertising or promotional campaign through to production or publication, our team of lawyers can advise and resolve the unexpected legal issues that can emerge during advertising promotion, saving clients time, money and distress.

Our team of specialised intellectual property lawyers is experienced in all aspects of breach of contract, false advertising, consumer fraud, product denigration, copyright and trade mark infringement claims.

We offer a range of advertising services including:

  • Reviewing advertising copy
  • Advising on risks associated with trade practices and misleading and deceptive conduct
  • Preparing and negotiating clearances, talent contracts, releases, agency contracts, and sponsorship agreements
  • Advice on developing and protecting brands
  • Providing advice on copyright and trade marks
  • Advice on government regulations and compliance issues
  • Defending clients in litigation related to advertising and intellectual property issues

Franchise Law

In recent years, franchising has become increasingly popular in Australia to the point that today Australia has become one of the most franchised nations in the world. Franchising has proven so successful in this country due to its ability to service niche markets, meet the ever-growing demand for convenience and standardised quality, and provide support to operators in an increasingly competitive business market.

Hazan Hollander Lawyers assist both Franchisors and Franchisees in pursuing franchise opportunities that exist in the market place.

Our firm provides a number of services to help negotiate your way through franchise law issues, including:

  • Preparation of franchise disclosure documents
  • Master franchise agreements
  • Reviewing and negotiating franchise agreements on behalf of franchisees
  • Securing leasehold interests in business premises
  • Financing and loan arrangements for franchising
  • Employment agreements


Our Lawyers and Solicitors are Specialists in Partnership Agreements and Dispute Resolution

Business Law in Australia is complex and multifaceted. The right legal advice can make all the difference to the success of your transaction.

At Hazan Hollander lawyers and solicitors, we have the business law skills and creativity to deliver solutions to all your business law and commercial legal needs. Our lawyers and solicitors have the commercial focus that comes from experience, having handled numerous sales and acquisitions of businesses, as well as providing legal advice and services regarding corporate restructuring and mergers.

Our lawyers are also people focused, providing insightful advice to assist our clients in achieving their goals and minimising their commercial legal issues in a timely, cost-effective and personalised manner. An example is the pride we take in how we prepare and negotiate business contracts. Our clients understand the contracts we prepare, and this leads to effective commercial business negotiations and minimising the possibility of litigation. If litigation is required Hazan Hollander has a high level of experience as a commercial litigation law firm, handling corporate law cases across a broad range of business areas.

We offer a range of corporate and commercial legal services including:

  • Business Law
  • Commercial Law and Litigation
  • Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Corporations Law
  • Licenses and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Commercial Litigation Law
  • Commercial Law for Arbitration and Mediation

Phone Hazan Hollander law firm, Sydney, for a no obligation chat if you feel your business can be improved through the advice of a lawyer or solicitor, covering areas in relation to business, commercial, corporate or contract law in Australia.

Debt & Bankruptcy

Consumer Credit, Commercial Debt Recovery - Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law

Owing money or being owed money puts pressure on servicing credit payments and maintaining a commercial loan or mortgage. The consequences of filing for bankruptcy are quite serious for both the borrower and the lender. Those finding themselves in a position where debt recovery has become an issue should always seek the advice of a specialist commercial debt recovery or insolvency lawyer or solicitor to help assess the available options before moving forward.

At Hazan Hollander Lawyers and Solicitors, we have extensive experience providing legal advice in the area of consumer credit, debt recovery and finance and insolvency law.

For those involved in debt recovery matters Hazan Hollander lawyers can:

  • Issue debt recovery letters
  • Advise on the best options available to recover a debt in the specific circumstances of the case
  • Advise on whether a counter-claim can be pursued to dispute the amount of a debt
  • Asses other options for dispute resolution to resolve the situation quickly and with the least cost
  • Lodge 0 court documents where necessary to protect the client's rights
  • Assist a client in deciding if it is best to defend a matter and, if so, suggest the best action to take
  • Provide court representation and attend other related meetings

If you find yourself in the position of considering filing for bankruptcy talk to Hazan Hollander lawyers and solicitors first.

Bankruptcy is when those who cannot cover debts give up all assets and control of their finances. This can happen by agreement or through a court order, in exchange for protection from further legal action taken by creditors. A person may file for bankruptcy, or a claimant can ask the Federal or Federal Magistrates Court to declare a person bankrupt.

At Hazan Hollander business bankruptcy lawyers we can advise you about bankruptcy law and filing for bankruptcy or insolvency, and can ease you through this process if it is required.

Phone Hazan Hollander Lawyers, Sydney, for a no obligation discussion if you feel you need personal advice about bankruptcy or insolvency laws, require a business bankruptcy lawyer, need help filing bankruptcy, or wish to issue a debt recovery letter.

Property Development

Property Development and Construction Law - Hazan Hollander Solicitors Sydney Australia

Hazan Hollander solicitors offer legal services in the area of property development agreements, construction contract law, acquisitions and real estate disposals. Hazan Hollander helps property developers with building construction law to effect the best outcome through negotiation and land development documentation. We aim to keep the clients' costs throughout the property development as low as possible, while ensuring that all risks are fully identified. At Hazan Hollander, our lawyers work closely with our clients to best meet their requirements with the right level of resources Timing is a key factor to consider, as this can have implications for tax and other facets of land development law. Phone Hazan Hollander solicitors, Sydney for a chat about your property law considerations. Our solicitors look forward to assisting you with your property, building & construction, development and contracts.

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Everyday Business

For the sale of a business involving commercial contracts, agreements, partnerships and franchises contact Hazan Hollander

If you are involved in the sale of a business or starting a new business, our team at Hazan Hollander Solicitors and Lawyers can assist with legal advice. We have many years of experience in business law, particularly in relation to businesses changing hands. Our solicitors can predict many of the likely challenges you may face when it comes to the sale or transfer of a business ownership.

Our lawyers work closely with clients on all of the commercial law aspects involved
in the sale of a business, such as:

  • Business commercial law
  • Business contracts law
  • Business partnership law
  • Business sales agreement
  • Business sales contract
  • Business sales agreements
  • Business agency law

Hazan Hollander will lead you through the process and make suggestions relating to the proposed accounting side of the business operation, as commercial law involves both challenges and opportunities in the way an agreement is set up. Other areas we provide assistance in business commercial law include:

  • Due diligence
  • GST considerations
  • Leasing arrangements

Whether you are involved in the sale of a business, or are buying a business, have a no obligation chat to Hazan Hollander Lawyers and Solicitors today. We believe our advice and assistance in the area of business sales will save you money and enhance the results of your commercial operation.