Intellectual Property & Technology Law

At Hazan Hollander, we specialise in a number of aspects of business and copyright law. See below for a summary of our services in this area.

Trade Marks / Branding

We recognise the difficulties in developing your own branding and the importance of being able to protect your own branding. Obtaining trade mark registrations allows you to effectively use your own unique mark to distinguish yourself from other traders.

To assist our clients in their branding, our service includes conducting trade mark searches, completing trade mark registrations domestically and internationally and overcoming registration objections and oppositions.

Protecting your branding is crucial in maintaining a connection between your consumer and your business and growing your business domestically and internationally.

Copyright Designs & Patents

We see the importance and value of protecting copyright, designs and patents. These intellectual property rights give you the exclusive rights to use your invention or creation commercially, to sell and to license it. 

Our service extends to designs and patents registrations, enforcement proceedings, ownership disputes and the enforcing licensing and assignment agreements. Our lawyers aim to help our clients to better understand their rights and to protect their creations or inventions from being infringed.

IP Litigation

Intellectual property litigation arises in the enforcement of copyright, patent, design and trade mark. Hazan Hollander has extensive experience in enforcing intellectual property right and resolving intellectual property disputes through court proceedings and out of court alternatives.

Our expertise extends across a range of intellectual property disputes including infringement, validity of a registered right, misleading conducts.

Technology & Internet Law

Technology and Internet Law is a rapidly growing area in Australia. At Hazan Hollander, we recognise the complexity of the legal instruments regulating modern day technology and the internet. Therefore, our lawyers are committed to assisting our clients to navigate the legal processes that they may come across.

Our expertise includes advising on distribution agreements, software maintenance and support agreements. Other areas of law are also now inseparable with the internet, including online copyright infringement, privacy law and defamation law. Our lawyers are able to guide our clients to understand their rights in various areas of law in the cyberspace. 

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