Sabell & Medhurst [2011] FamCA 446

  1. On 27 May 2011 the trial of the substantive proceedings was concluded.  It was noted that the legal representatives of the wife would email my associate with a further minute of orders sought and an aide-mémoire.  That was attended to.
  2. On 2 June 2011, upon the request of counsel for the husband for an urgent listing to hear an application by the husband to re-open his case, I made directions for the filing and service of an application, affidavit in support and response and affidavit.  The directions were complied with.
  3. The Application of the husband is that filed 6 June 2011 (which I shall refer to as “the Application”).
  4. The husband seeks leave to re-open his case to give evidence of the expected liability for land tax and quantum thereof in respect of his property in Sydney Suburb 1, the prospective agent’s management fees and other consequential expenses, as well as the cost of a short-term furnished apartment in Sydney; prospective rents in Hong Kong and associated expenses.
  5. Submissions were also made by counsel for the husband in relation to the aide-mémoire furnished by senior counsel for the wife.
  6. The application is opposed and the wife seeks that it be dismissed with costs...
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