Chilvers v Snowdon [2012] NSWDC 64

  1. By further amended summons filed on 20 February 2012, the plaintiff, Terence Chilvers, seeks orders for extension of time to lodge an appeal and to set aside a costs assessment certificate issued under s 368 Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW) by costs assessor Mr John L Sharpe, on 13 April 2011, in costs assessment proceedings number 2994 of 2011. This is the principal application before me, in proceedings 2011/343903.
  1. In addition, Mr Chilvers seeks the setting aside of judgment for $183,988.98 in proceedings number 20636 of 2011, which judgment is already the subject of a stay pursuant to orders granted by Truss DCJ on 17 November 2011.
  1. The certificate of assessment obtained by Ms Snowdon, the defendant, related to party/party costs assessed by the defendant's solicitor following a three day hearing in this court before Hungerford ADCJ: Snowdon v Chilvers [2009] NSWDC 265. Ms Snowdon obtained judgment against Mr Chilvers and another party for $271,437.08...
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